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Promoting Moldova to the World

Moldova's first effort at Eurovision Song Festival was 2005, when Zdob şi Zdub performed "Bunica Bate Toba" or "Grandmama Beats the Drum" -- finishing 6th of 39 finalists. Moldova song was catchy & high energy, but the highlight was near the end, when old granny rose from her rocking chair to join the beat & dance.     Watch the video (here) - at 2min30:
Grandma got the greatest, largest cheer that night in all of Europe !

Some Moldovans think it's shameful or unsophisticated, but the world feels differently. Youthful music's energy often opens a gap with older folk, but respect for family & traditions continue. Music bridges generations in the noisy midst of passion & rebelliousness, and celebrates rural roots. Please understand the success of this song. Grandma Lidia Bejenaru, Roman Iagupov, and Zdob şi Zdub are fantastic cultural ambassadors for all ages to Europe & the world.

With good marketing, this great song could (and should) have won first prize.

--> Here's the video